Education Outreach at MHCC Student Club Table Event

Troublesome began another great school year with its Student Club Initiative.  Members of Troublesome were active last September recruiting new students to join the Troublesome Student Club.  Student Clubs gives students a unique set of opportunities to enhance your leadership skills, build relationships with peers and alumni, and network with business leaders throughout the community.

Club Fair at MHCC took place on the college Monday through Thursday from 11:30-1:30pm in the main mall.  Current MHCC students looking to get involved in philanthropy and other political activities are encouraged to get more information at There was great support by the student body as recruiters we able to double the amount of signees as the previous year, and had a great turnout at its introductory meeting.

The Troublesome Student Club provides students a great opportunity to pursue their goals and passions while serving the community.  Students at other schools who are interested in starting a Troublesome Club are encouraged to contact Sam Krause, Recruitment and Development Coordinator via email at or email

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